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Who is BTD Radio?

Changing the World of Music One Indies Song At a Time!

Who is BTD Radio? We are an independent non-funded radio station that airs many genres. BTD is run by indies artists who understand the music industry and the radio business. That combination works well together. Often, we find artists lost on what direction to turn to, or just give up because the competition is too thick, or the road of the music industry is to long. We are here to help. Not only do we offer airplay, but we also offer music reviews, interviews, special shows and more.

We are one of the longest standing Indie radio stations around. We have provided many indies artists with a chance to be heard. We have even seen some indie artists get their start on our station and have gone off to be big well-known stars today. We take pride in that. Everyone needs to start somewhere, why not here.

Founder of BTD Radio

Founder and owner of BTD Radio is T Dawn, who is an indies artist herself. She has committed many years to helping and guiding other indies artists around the world. She created the catchy station ID, “Changing the World of Music One Indies Song At a Time.” which has been ever so true. T Dawn has also provided many opportunities to those interested in getting into the radio business, she has given many broadcasting hosts their first platform right here on BTD Radio.

We at BTD Radio thank you for trusting us with your music and wish you plenty of success. BTD Radio will help on our side to get your music heard.

Have a super musical day!