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Welcome to the studio! KJ: Thanks!    It’s a real pleasure to be here. What an interesting band name, I am looking forward to hearing how you came up with it but first, can you tell our listeners where you are from? KJ: We live in Sydney, Australia.  Ok, on with our interview. Wow, you are a unique […]

Welcome to the studio! Hello Ed! Welcome back to the studio. The last time we spoke, it was back in 2014. I can’t wait to hear all about what is happening in your music career today! ED. It’s wonderful to speak to you again today and thank you so kindly for having me back. It’s been […]

 Welcome to the studio! Hello Richard! Welcome to the studio.  I have been reading all about you and I can’t wait to get started. Before we begin, could you tell our listeners where you are from? Not only have I been reading all about you, I have been listening to your fabulous music as well. If […]

BTD Radio presents… Caroline McLavy Welcome to the studio! I am so excited to get started with this interview but first could you tell our listeners where you are from? CM: I’m from Leicester in the UK. Our recent claims to fame would be winning the Premiership Football, and before that finding King Richard III. I […]

BTD Radio presents…. Hicks!  Welcome back to the studio. I am so excited to hear what has been going on with your music since we spoke last! Let’s get started! H: So glad to be back. Thank you… Well this crazy ride just keep getting crazier and crazier, but in a very very good way. Been […]

“Healing Depression Through Music” David Brodie Hello David! Welcome to the studio. We have a lot to cover and I am excited to get started but before we begin could you tell our listeners where you are from? DB: Thanks so much for having me!  Let’s see – currently living in Ottawa, Canada but my original […]

Hello Sam, welcome to the studio. Let start digging right into the interview. I am excited to get to know about you and your music. So you moved from Connecticut to Nashville, what inspired you to make that move to Nashville?There’s not much of a music scene in Connecticut of you can believe that! I spent […]

Hello Richard! Nice to have you back into the studio again. I see you have been busy. Another new album release that I can’t wait for us to talk about! So let’s go ahead and get started. The last we spoke was back in Nov 2016. How is this new album “Mending Fences” different than […]

BTD Radio presents…. Rahn Anthoni Hello Rahn! Welcome to the studio. Boy do we have lot’s to talk about. Could you tell our listeners where you are from? Jupiter Florida First, I would like to talk about your new single, I’ll Trust You. Could you give us insights to this fabulous song? It’s about knowing […]

BTD Radio presents…. JJ McGuigan Hello JJ McGuigan! Welcome to the studio. I have read that you live in Wichita Kansas but I have also read that you are located in Texas. Could you tell our listeners where you are from? I am from Wichita KS and that is where I currently reside. I was […]