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INTRO Greg Walsh believes in ghosts, old and new. “I’ve never seen one, but I’ve never seen Idaho either, and I know it’s there,” he laughs. Up until recently he was the longtime drummer for the Boston band Pop Gun. Today, Walsh is concentrating on his own music, which has yielded airplay not only in […]

Welcome, Gaviiformes, boy do we have lots to talk about including a new song that’s coming out this month, nice! How about we start with some intros, who are all the band members and what do they do? Thank you! We have Matt (me) on bass and vocals, John on guitar, and Zach on drums. […]

 Hi Slapback! Welcome! I am loving the band name. I would love to talk to you about your band name in a minute, but lets first hand the mic over to you and let you introduce yourselves. Just go around the room, state who you are, what you do in the band and where are […]

  Dalia Davis is a singer/songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist. She has also released a fabulous album titled Keep A Clean Engine. Dalia, you most certainly give us plenty to talk about. I did also want to ask you where are you from?   I am originally from a Midwestern suburb.  In high school, I performed […]

  Welcome Jim Knable of Jim Knable and the Randy Bandits! I am so looking forward to interviewing you and learning about your music. But first, can you let everyone know where you are from? I was born in Tucson, Arizona, moved to LA when I was 2 but didn’t like the smog, so I […]

Welcome K Britz! I have to say I am loving your single, “Kind.” I want to talk more about your song and music but let me first start out with, where are you from? I spent most of my life in New York but I now live in Connecticut, a short train ride away. Can […]

  I am so excited to interview Australia’s rockin band, Audioscam. Before we start this interview, can you guys go around the room and introduce each band member and who plays what? My long term partner in music, Brad Wallace , plays bass , keyboards , guitar , and does some of the backing vocals. […]

Q: Welcome Mark Rockower, I am loving that last name, is that real? It sounds like a band name…wait a minute… it is a band name… your band name…lol Q: Let’s start off talking about your band. I understand you have had a few band member changes. So who all is in your band and […]

BTD Radio would like to welcome Pamela Ruby Russell! Wow, after reading your bio and checking out your website, I feel we have a lot in common so I can’t wait to get started with this interview to learn more about you and your music. Before we begin, where are you from? I was born […]

Hi there Rob, it’s a pleasure to take this time out to get to know about you and your music. For our audience, I am speaking with Rob Benson. He has a fabulous new album out called, “Under the Whispering Tree.” He began performing at an early age and writes pretty much all his songs. […]